European Population Alliance

How You Can Help

You can help in a number of ways.

As an Individual

Decide that you're going to have two or fewer children, and tell others about your decision.

At the Local Level


Get the facts about population and then start talking to family and friends. After doing that you can move on to local schools, clubs and social groups.

Ask your local authorities what they are doing to reduce unplanned pregnancies and to ensure that local residents receive access to employment and housing opportunities.

At the National Level

Lobby professional and interest groups. Population growth affects the environment, wildlife, development and amenities. Ask the groups whether or not they have a population policy and what they're doing to raise the issue of overpopulation.

Lobby your political representatives. Ask your representatives to explain their party's policy on population. You may need to educate them about the global situation.

If your country does not yet have a population concern body, contact Population Matters about setting one up.

At the International Level

We encourage governments, the European Union and United Nations bodies to give high priority to family planning and women's empowerment programmes. We also support carbon offsetting.

Join or Donate

Join or donate to one of our member organisations and receive all of the benefits of being part of our movement for a sustainable world.


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