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The European Population Alliance is a partnership of organisations aware of the implications of living on a finite planet: that indefinite growth in anything physical, including population and resource consumption, is impossible and will certainly end at some point. We cannot predict how the growth of consumption will end, but population growth can end only in one or a combination of two ways: there must either be fewer births or more deaths. Our options are to end population growth by humane means — contraception backed by policy and resources — or to allow natural Darwinian means — famine, disease, etc. — to do it for us. The former of course is preferable.


We are watching the planetary "perfect storm" approach. We see accelerating climate instability, biodiversity loss, food and water shortages, deforestation, desertification, soil degradation, depletion of minerals, waste, pollution and rising energy costs, and we understand that these are all driven by just one thing: "too many people consuming too much stuff". In addition, we note that while overconsumption is much debated, there is an irrational taboo on discussing overpopulation. We aim to break that taboo. Stable populations do not by themselves solve anything, but they are an essential precondition for solving everything. Thus, as Kofi Annan said, "Population stabilisation should be a priority for sustainable development".

We aim to raise awareness of the fact that population growth multiplies all of our environmental and resource problems, and that stable populations are a necessary but of course not sufficient condition for long-term sustainability within the Earth's ecological limits.

Our children will not thank us if we continue to ignore overpopulation and overconsumption. Our children deserve to inherit a truly sustainable planet on which everyone can enjoy a good quality of life while remaining within ecological limits and leaving sufficient habitat for members of other species to thrive. We therefore aim to provide evidence of the urgency of tackling overpopulation and overconsumption, which are intimately linked; to challenge those who deny this reality; to offer solutions; and to influence government policy and individual understanding and behaviour.

Since the European position in international negotiations is increasingly coordinated by the Commission, we aim to persuade the Commission and Member States to: take account of planetary boundaries in all matters; recognise that population growth makes all environmental and resource problems harder to solve; and advocate rights-based population stabilisation policies for all countries, both within Europe and globally.

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