European Population Alliance

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The European Population Alliance is a partnership of organisations aware of the implications of living on a finite planet.

We are concerned about accelerating climate instability, biodiversity loss, food and water shortages, deforestation, desertification, soil degradation, depletion of minerals, waste, pollution and rising energy costs. We are aware that rapid population growth — 80 million per year, 10,000 per hour — multiplies all of these problems.

We work for a global population size providing a good standard of living for all, a healthy environment and environmental sustainability. Our work is guided by our Declaration of Principles.

We strongly advocate for all of the following:

  • universal access to family planning
  • women's education and empowerment
  • rights-based policies to stabilise or reduce
    populations to sustainable levels
  • more equitable consumption patterns
  • more efficient resource use

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